Shall I have a second child? Can I be an equally good parent of two different children? How will I make it?


Every parent asks himself or herself these questions but when the family already has a child with a disability, the questions seem even more difficult. At that time, the support and the shared experience of other parents who have already gone down this path are especially valuable.


In this regard, on February 14, 2016, Foundation Kids with Developmental Problems hosted training for parents and children, part of the informed self-help mechanism for families having children with disabilities organised under the CHILD – disCuss and sHare famILy neeDs Project.


The main objective of the project is to increase awareness of parents of children with disabilities about the advantages of having a second child and to achieve a balanced approach to raising children in such families providing optimal family environment.


According to Anita Kancheva, Project Manager, communication between parents is something that happens every day but the emotional burden of these issues requires a more responsible and delicate attitude. It is very important that trained parents should adhere to basic principles to be able to establish a framework of this type of communication. Through interesting role-playing games we showed the specific guidelines in communication: they can share personal experience but not give advice; they can provoke their interlocutor to think about a certain question but not   offer a solution. The choice and the path can be nothing but personal. Putting these limits is essential.


Zhulieta Temnikova, expert psychologist, Dr. Daniela Milanova, expert doctor and Lyubka Georgieva-Peleva, expert communication strategy, all with long-year experience in their field, also took part in the training.

The training also included a presentation of an analytical report prepared under the project, the results of round tables held in Sofia, Varna and Kazanlak, and the website developed under the project and the website forum which provide many opportunities to share good practices and informed self-help.


In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere the participants shared their satisfaction with the training and their strong motivation to be true ambassadors of the project.


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