CHILD - disCuss and sHare famILy neeDs Project

The CHILD – disCuss and sHare famILy neeDs Project is funded by the NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the 2009-2014 European Economic Area Financial Mechanism

   „CHILD - disCuss and sHare famILy neeDs”


Preparation of an analytical report

  • The activity envisages the preparation of a report, analyzing the positive aspects of giving birth to a second child for families where the first-born one is disabled, and of achieving an optimal approach in raising healthy and disabled siblings. It will treat the subjects of tolerance and multicultural understanding, of overcoming racism, xenophobia and antisemitism in the context of improving the special-needs children’s quality of life in the family settings. Also, it will touch on supporting the sustainable development idea by better using the available resources when raising disabled children and their siblings. The resources needed for this activity include input from three key experts, experienced in analyzing the family environment of kids with disabilities and establishing effective communication with all stakeholders in the social area.

The organization of round tables for discussion and trainings for parents
  • The activity envisages the organization of three round tables for discussion between different stakeholders (families of disabled children, disabled children, the State Agency for Child Protection, the Agency for People with Disabilities, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, media and citizens) in Sofia, Kazanluk and Varna. The round tables will include discussion of the analytical report and presentations by the stakeholders of good practices in raising disabled kids and having a second child in families with a disabled one. The activity also envisages a training of a pilot group of parent and children, who can then share and spread the results and the recommendations in their communities.

 Informational activities

  • Envisages making public all project activities. This includes printing brochures, publications in electronic and printed media, printing the analytical report, holding an opening and a closing press-conference, and launching a webpage on the project in Bulgarian and in English on our website.
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